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5 Star Review

My Yard went from Worst to First in my neighborhood.

It took a minute but my yard looks amazing.

When you have a properly treated yard you mow a lot less.... so it pays for itself in that way.

Plus,what I was dishing out at Home Depot DIY'ing my own weed control and fertilizer, not having any idea what I was doing.

Finally I have not watered my yard one time since I started with Lawn Lab, the rain is all the yard needs.........

The Technician is truly a professional..... all of the Lawn Lab Yards on my block look great....

Lawrence Morin
5 Star Review

Lawn lab has been great! Our tech, Jacob, is very thorough and very pleasant and professional. Our lawn looks fabulous even though this is just our first year with this company. They definitely beat the other companies and I would give them six stars if I could. (Last, the office support has been superb and handled all my questions and requests graciously and quickly.) Thanks, Lawn Lab.

l Rody
5 Star Review

Had LL when we got our new house. TruGreen talked me into switching to save money and promised soil samples and all kinds of stuff so I used em for a couple years and my front yard was thinning. Switched back to LL for a small bit more but in 4 months (2 treatments) the yard is dark green, soft and thick again! Also they did ant treatment. Highly recommend!

Jon Burks