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We're a local lawn service serving greater north Texas out of our location in Wylie, specializing in nurturing the greenest and healthiest green lawns around!

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Lawn Care Services in Wylie

Applying identical lawn care regimens to every yard wouldn’t yield consistent results. Every lawn has its own needs to be addressed throughout the year. At LawnLab, we’ve spent 20 years in business by personalizing our approach. As a locally-owned and operated company, we have taken the concerns of our neighbors to heart by developing a lawn care plan that can be customized for each client.

It all started in 2001 with our Forney lawn care services, and today, we serve a broad range of communities across North Texas including the greater Wylie area.

Our seasonal lawn care program includes:

  • Consistent service with six weeks between each application.
  • Preparing for winter using pre-emergent weed treatments in the fall.
  • Four lawn fertilization treatments applied in spring and summertime.
  • Pre and post-emergent treatments before spring to control crabgrass, broadleaf, and winter annuals.
  • Inspection for lawn pests and disease with every treatment to catch problems before they start.
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Weed Service in Wylie

When weeds take over the lawn, homeowners often find themselves shouldering the blame for a yard that is overgrown. Weeds may be a recurring problem, but you don’t have to take care of them all on your own. In fact, sometimes pulling up weeds yourself may make the issue worse rather than better.

At LawnLab, we offer weed control that doesn’t involve tearing up your turf, such as:

  • Targeted treatments that won’t kill surrounding grass.
  • Applying a unique formula of RoundUp that kills weeds at the root.
  • Strategic weed treatments over the course of the year to proactively prevent weeds.

Don’t let weeds keep you from taking pride in your yard. Contact LawnLab to add weed treatment to your routine for lawn care in Wylie.

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Liquid Aeration in Wylie

Can’t figure out why your lawn is looking less than its best? Is your grass thinner or more fragile than usual? Soil compaction could be the problem. Lawn aeration loosens the soil so that roots have easier access to water and nutrients.

Conventional aeration treatments use a machine to pull plugs of soil, which risks damaging root systems and leaves a bit of a mess. Mechanical aeration can even disturb dormant weed seeds and bring them to the surface. That’s why LawnLab uses liquid lawn aeration technology. Liquid aeration takes a chemical approach to softening compaction, leaving your grass undisturbed and healthier in the long run.

Our liquid aeration treatment contains:

  • Enzymes that get to work softening the soil and activate microbes to assist too.
  • Nutrients that nourish your turf from the inside out.
  • A formula that deeply breaks down compaction but goes easy on your lawn.

We’ll also make sure that aeration treatments are incorporated into lawn care at the best possible time so that you get the best possible results, including more lush grass that is more resistant to disease. If compaction has left your lawn lacking, call LawnLab for aeration that is powerfully effective and minimally disruptive.

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This thorough plan allows the flexibility to treat your lawn for issues as they arise and address your yard’s unique needs throughout the year. Kick off your journey to a healthy lawn with our First Time Application Special!

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5 Star Review

The best lawn care EVER!!!

Jesse alexander
5 Star Review

We've never had any problems with this company and our yard looks great all year round! I've left my dogs out a few times on accident and they came the next day to do the dog yard. I don't think we'll use anyone else! Highly recommend Lawn Lab!

Taylor Hallmark
5 Star Review

I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to control and eradicate weeds with little or no luck. Lawn Lab was able to control weeds after the 2nd application. I'm very happy with service and results.

Claudia Martinez
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