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Lawn Care Services in Rowlett

At LawnLab, we’ve been offering highly-customized lawn care for 20 years. Locally owned and operated from the very beginning, we’ve built our business on paying attention to the needs of our friends and neighbors. We know from experience that no two lawns are exactly alike, so we personalize every treatment plan for lawn care in Rowlett.

It all started in early 2001 with our lawn care program in Forney, and today, we serve a wide range of communities across North Texas including greater Rowlett.

Our seasonally-designed lawn care includes:

  • Pre-emergent weed treatments in the fall that defend your lawn from winter annuals.
  • Pre and post-emergent treatments to control crabgrass and broadleaf before spring.
  • Four applications of lawn fertilizer during spring and summer.
  • Disease and pest monitoring with every treatment.
  • Early diagnosis of potential problems.

Qualified Local Technicians

Our comprehensive treatments are applied every six weeks so that your lawn stays healthy no matter the season. Along with our proactive program, you can count on us to address the unique needs of your yard as they arise.

Take advantage of our First-Time Application Special and get a head start on the health of your lawn today!

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Weed Service in Rowlett

Weeds aren’t just an eyesore, they can also be detrimental to the health of your lawn. Weeds hog the water and nutritional resources that grass needs to grow healthy and hearty. Unfortunately, pulling weeds doesn’t eliminate them at the source and risks tearing the root networks of your turf along the way.

LawnLab offers weed control services that are highly effective without harming your grass. Our knowledgeable technicians can:

  • Proactively apply weed treatments for seasonal culprits like crabgrass or broadleaf.
  • Kill weeds at the root with specially formulated RoundUp.
  • Target treat problem areas without hurting healthy grass

Don’t resort to pulling up weeds. Save your lawn–and your knees–by adding LawnLabs weed control service to your lawn care in Rowlett.


Lawn Aeration in Rowlett

If you’ve noticed water pooling in your yard after it rains or the surface of your lawn is too hard for your pets and kids to play on, soil compaction may be the culprit. Compacted soil doesn’t only make your lawn hard and unsightly, it also chokes out grass roots that are fighting for resources below the surface.

Aeration is the best course of action for compacted soil. Traditionally, aeration involves machines pulling plugs of soil and leaving them scattered across the lawn. Liquid aeration is the latest innovation in aeration that gives you the same results and less of the mess. 

Our liquid aeration treatments include:

  • Enzymes that loosen soil and break down those dreaded yellow patches of dry grass known as thatch.
  • Nutrients that feed grass and activate helpful microbes.
  • A gentle formula that is tough on compaction, but easy on your lawn.

Like all the treatments we provide at LawnLab, lawn aeration is properly timed so that your grass reaps the maximum benefits of this transformative treatment. Schedule your lawn aeration service today and start your journey from a hard, starving lawn to a well-nourished backyard oasis.

5 Star Review

Lawn Lab has been treating my yard about 2 years. In that time, all the weeds have been eliminated and the yard is looking good.

Ronnie Post
5 Star Review

This is the best lawn service I ever had thank you and Jacob does a out standing job for lawn lab

doug cych
5 Star Review

My yard was being taken over by "Dallas grass," I am impressed with the results from Lawn Lab. I will recommend to my BIL. His yard is bad.

Darrell Jefferson
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