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Professional Tree and Shrub Care in North Texas

When caring for your yard, you absolutely can’t look over the health of your trees and shrubs. Both add plenty of value to your property and reap a slew of benefits from creating shade to contributing to your lawn's overall aesthetic appeal, so it's no wonder why Tree and Shrub Care Services are so popular in Texas. Our Professional tree and shrub treatment program includes the following:

  • Spring Fertilization

    Promotes richer color and growth and helps plants recover from winter dormancy. This treatment contributes to the health and life of the landscape.

  • Spring Foliage Protection

    Insect and disease control reduces the disease impact and the early season pest damage for the trees and shrubs. It targets insects such as cankerworms, aphids, whiteflies, webworms, powdery mildew, and other typical funguses that incur here in Dallas, Forney, Mesquite, Rockwall, and other North Texas areas.

  • Maturing Foliage Protection

    Insect and disease control treatments are most effective in the later stages of spring-time when insect and disease infestation is prevalent. Helps with maturing foliage of trees and shrubs and becomes firmly established before the heat stress of summer. Additional target pests include tent caterpillars, spider mites, and elm leaf beetles.

  • Warm Weather Foliage Protection

    Insect and disease control. This is ongoing pest control for insects that mature during the hottest part of the summer. There are also ongoing disease controls, as needed, dictated by the weather conditions.

  • Later Summer Foliage Protection

    Insect and disease control that helps trees and shrubs recover from any infestations of the hot summer and this prepares and protects the trees and shrubs from any fall-feeding insects. Inspection and treatment for any existing or forecasted plant diseases.

  • Fall Dormant Oil Protection

    We apply a foliar application of horticulture oil to your trees and shrubs while plants are dormant, this will prevent spring infestations over the winter. This application is very beneficial in controlling scale.

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Expert Tree Services

Local Tree Care Service

Some people think you just water trees occasionally, and that’s it. While watering certainly is important in caring for any tree, there’s more to it. To help with water retention, applying mulch around the base of the tree is a great idea. It also fights soil compaction and prevents weeds from cropping up.

Believe it or not, trees need fertilizer. When it comes to tree fertilization, determining exactly what kind to use requires knowledge of the tree, plus soil composition is both a science and an art. While that’s beyond most people, our tree spraying experts can handle the task with ease.

Perhaps one of the most confusing yet important aspects of tree care is pruning:

  • You need to know when the best time is to prune each tree
  • You should understand the best way to prune trees for optimal health and appearance
  • Pruning incorrectly can open a tree up to infection or insect infestation

Trust Your Local Tree Experts 

Instead of just hoping your trees and shrubs stay healthy and grow properly, you need to seek out professional care. That’s where LawnLab's tree care service comes in. We have the experience and training to ensure these valuable plants stay alive and thrive for years to come.

You’re in good hands with LawnLab. Our expert team can ensure your trees are pruned with care. Speaking of pests and diseases, we can help prevent and cure those frustrating problems.

    Expert Shrub Treatments!

    Local Shrub Care Service

    A healthy, well-cared-for shrub really adds something to an outdoor space. That being said, diseased or untrimmed shrubs do the exact opposite. Most property owners know little about what it takes to properly care for their shrubs, that's where LawnLab comes in. Our comprehensive shrub treatments take care of everything from fertilization to seasonal protection so you're trees and shrubs will happy and healthy contributors to your beautiful lawn.

    While we don't offer pruning at LawnLab, it's still a very necessary step to maintain a good shape and size for your shrubs. With flowering varieties, the right kind of pruning can even encourage more flowering so we encourage you to do this regularly.

    Shrub fertilization is another necessary item, but we don't recommend you go at it alone. You need to properly work the soil around the shrubs before applying the fertilizer, plus use a fertilizer that’s optimal for the shrub and soil composition, otherwise, you can do more harm than good.


    Looking for a Tree and Shrub Care Service Near You?

    We provide routine tree and shrub care services in the following cities and towns in North Texas:

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    5 Star Review

    My Yard went from Worst to First in my neighborhood.

    It took a minute but my yard looks amazing.

    When you have a properly treated yard you mow a lot less.... so it pays for itself in that way.

    Plus,what I was dishing out at Home Depot DIY'ing my own weed control and fertilizer, not having any idea what I was doing.

    Finally I have not watered my yard one time since I started with Lawn Lab, the rain is all the yard needs.........

    The Technician is truly a professional..... all of the Lawn Lab Yards on my block look great....

    Lawrence Morin
    5 Star Review

    My yard was being taken over by "Dallas grass," I am impressed with the results from Lawn Lab. I will recommend to my BIL. His yard is bad.

    Darrell Jefferson
    5 Star Review

    Had LL when we got our new house. TruGreen talked me into switching to save money and promised soil samples and all kinds of stuff so I used em for a couple years and my front yard was thinning. Switched back to LL for a small bit more but in 4 months (2 treatments) the yard is dark green, soft and thick again! Also they did ant treatment. Highly recommend!

    Jon Burks
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