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5 Star Review

They have made my lawn look great for the past 5 years.

Ryan Roberts
5 Star Review

Lawn Lab has been treating my yard about 2 years. In that time, all the weeds have been eliminated and the yard is looking good.

Ronnie Post
5 Star Review

SIMPLY AMAZING!! I started treatments during the Spring. On the first visit I advised the tech that next year I wanted to seed with a cool session grass for year round green. He asked why next year? I told him my yard isn't healthy enough to support it yet. I've done research and understand it's pretty important to have healthy Bermuda to ensure it comes back after winter. He smiled and said-- "You'll be ready, trust me". Of course I smiled with him but had EXTREME doubt. Here it is fall and OMG, my yard has done a complete 360!!!

Charles Allen