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Three Common Oak Trees Throughout the State of Texas

Did you know Texas is famous for its Oak trees? With 50 different species of oak trees in the Lone Star state, you are sure to find one either on your own property or a landscape near you. These large, statuesque trees stand tall and proud, with larger-than-life qualities just like our home state. Oak trees are important for wildlife because they provide shelter and acorns for food. In addition, these majestic plants can help decrease your energy bills, protect against erosion, provide a buffer against wind and add value to your home.

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How To Tell If You Have Lawn Grubs

Texas lawns have a lot to contend with, from fire ants to drought. But, unfortunately, there’s one especially elusive pest. They lurk beneath the surface of the grass, and you may not realize you have a pest problem until there’s lots of damage. This pest is none other than the grub. We’ll show you how to identify signs of grub damage and why these annoying critters destroy our lawns.

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Here’s Why You Need Flea And Tick Control This Year

Spring will be here before we know it, which means fleas and ticks will start biting again. These annoying disease-ridden pests are still around and waiting for their next victim, be it you or your pet. Learn everything there is to know about these blood-thirsty parasites, how you can help prevent them, and what you can do if you find yourself plagued with them.

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Dangerous Plants You Should Be Cautious Of in Texas

The Lone Star State is home to an abundance of wildlife. Most of the plants that we encounter in Texas are harmless but some can be downright deadly if parts of them are ingested by humans or unwary livestock. Do yourself a favor and learn to spot these dangerous plants so you can learn to avoid them.

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Why Ryegrass Is The Best Grass For North Texas Lawns

Here in northern Texas, we usually enjoy milder winters compared to most of the US. While we may not get the snow and ice as often, we do have to look at dull brown grass during the cold months. Or do we? What if there was a way to have a green lawn all year round? Actually, there is! At Lawn Lab, we offer ryegrass lawn seeding because it offers many advantages that other grass varieties can’t. See for yourself!

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